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Baker Boys market bread

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The Baker Boys, based in Hook Hampshire, are committed to sharing their wonderful wares.
Who are these 'Baker Boys' you ask?

Scoring tries, belting out Operatic arias, taster of fine wines and foods and bender of space and time..

Robin can be he cannot be found as he is probably either in the Bakery, or on the laptop, or making deliveries, or in Oxford, Odiham or Lymington. The calendar on our website is not for the public, it is for us so we can find Robin.

If you do find Robin, remind him he has forgotten something.
Chances are, you are right.

Birdies, eagles, and conqueror of the mysteries of various flours, Paul bends flours, butter and eggs to his mighty will.
As well as golf balls -watch him sink them.

As head Baker, Paul produces the fantastic goodies shared amongst the good people of Southern England. His gift, the ability to transform organic produce into delightful breads and treats, he willingly shares.
An alchemist in a previous life, Paul now pours that talent into all the baked goods you see on display at our markets.

Baker Boys are only as fab as the support staff behind them!
So say the support staff behind them.

Ah, the intricacies of Excel and various accounting software are nothing to Christine. Watcher of journals and number enthusiast, Christine runs the finance department for Baker Boys

Conversations with Christine are peppered with mysterious words such as 'assets', 'liability; and 'equity' instead of usual words such as 'flour', 'yeast', 'sourdough'. Bring a translator with you.

Dragon tamer, Tardis repairwoman and coffee enthusiast.

Lately of the Oxford market, when Wendy is not manipulating fruit and veg or conquering thorny issues in the world of IT, she can be found at the Winchester market on a Saturday chatting to everyone. If you are in Winchester on a Saturday, stop by and say hello! Wendy would love to see you!

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